Mike Lynch

The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania-MBA , CFA

2008, join Barclays, build a “Quantitative Model” for FX structured products for institutional and Private Bank clients.

2009, join Black stone group. Accumulated six years of actual combat experience, focusing on macroeconomic forecasting, market analysis and risk control, several times to generate revenue of more than 10 million U.S. dollars. In the world's top bond investment management company PIMCO and New York value investment hedge fund QVT Financial internship. Knowledge reserves cover major financial areas, both with an international capital market perspective and professional team management experience.

Executive Team

Rick Klink

Rick is an IT specialist of financial services. He spent nearly 10 years as a senior consultant in IBM. Co-founder of Paritech, a company focused on trading technology and infrastructure. 2013, founded a company called Open-Markets, as the largest independent stock broker in Singapore. It’s annual revenue of more than 35 billion SG dollars.

Jeff Cutts

Information technology business experts, specializes in areas include: administration, project management, information technology services, customer management. Industry experience includes: the financial, education, mining, insurance, retail, government and internal and outsourcing business environments and the ability to successfully adapt to open communications at all stages.

Lee Yu

As a customer support, Lee provides its companies with a full range of one-stop, point-to-point operational support. At the same time, Lee is responsible for coordinating the overall situation, tracking and immediate solution to customer consultation, and the root cause of the problem analysis.


David had more than 10 years of experience in the field of corporate law specializing in corporate finance and acquisitions. At the same time, he is a lecturer at Macquarie University Corporate Law and Business Law.